RAW files are a post production starting point.
Look at your camera’s RAW files as being developed film and waiting for you to decide how to process/print the images.
You have the exposed, for want of a better word ‘ negative ‘, then the fun begins.
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Lightroom provides a great creative environment to convert an image to Black and White. There are several ways to achieve this. The quickest and easiest is to click the Grayscale button in the Basic Panel or click Grayscale in the HSL Panel. This opens the Grayscale mixer where you can adjust the individual channels, color temperature and other settings. This article is not aimed at going into depth the different techniques but rather this way, which I favour, of using the HSL panel.
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HDR From a single RAW file

Is it possible to create a pseudo HDR image from one RAW file in Lightroom?
I had some photos I had taken on the Otago Rail Trail, South Island, New Zealand and tried experimenting with a single RAW file and have come up with some interesting results.
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Lightroom and a Reluctance

Recently I have been talking to professional photographers on the merits of using Lightroom and RAW files to their full potential.
I was, and still am, bemused  by the response.
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The DNG advantage

The DNG, Digital Negative, is a publicly available archival format to convert RAW files from digital cameras.
Cameras can use many different propriety RAW formats which means
that not every RAW file can be read by a variety of software applications.
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Tips to ease your workflow

1. Store all imported images under one main folder
Rather than scattering your photos over your hardrive or drives, I created a main folder called Photos. Name what ever you want but make this the top folder.
Then create sub-folders for whatever you have shot.
This way you have all your imported images in one place which makes it easier for backing up and keeping track off.
If working off a laptop you can use an external drive rather than the internal drive.
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